Transit Home Services logoTransit Home Services provides short-term, clean, fully furnished, affordable, homely accommodation for you in Coimbatore City. Its strategically located apartments and suites have been chosen with care to suit your short / long business trips or holidays. It is indeed a “home away from home” according to many of our previous clients.

Transit Home Services

The business address (Swagat Charu Apartment, 123 Cowley Brown Road, RS Puram) and its associated service apartment is in close proximity to the business hub of Coimbatore (R.S. Puram) and  major specialty hospitals including Ganga Hospital (Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery), Vedanayagam Hospital (Urology), and Rao Hospital (Infertility). Our service apartments are also popular with business visitors and medical tourists to these well known medical centres. Our other apartments are also located in, or near, other important suburbs of the city and are within easy reach by public or private transport. 

Swagat Charu to RS Puram (D.B. Road) 1.6km, 5 min by Car

  db road rs puram


Swagat Charu to Brookefield’s Mall: 2.2km, 7 min by Car

    brookefields mall


Swagat Charu to Ganga Hospital: 2.5km, 7 min by Car

    ganga hospital


Swagat Charu to Rao Hospital: 0.5km

   rao hospital


Swagat Charu to Vedanayagam Hospital: 0.65km

    vedanayagam hospital


Swagat Charu to Womens Centre Hospital: 3.1km, 9 min by Car

    transit home services womens centre




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