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3A Swagat Charu Apartments, 123, Cowley Brown Road (west), R.S. Puram, Coimbatore 641002.

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For directions from Coimbatore International Airport, click here.

For directions from Coimbatore Railway Station (Coimbatore Junction), click here.

For directions from Gandhi puram bus / coach terminus, click here.


Important disclaimer
Transit Home Services reserves the absolute right to terminate booking, accommodation / refuse accommodation to a person (s) “of suspicious backgrounds” without prior notice or ascribing any reason. Your Aadhaar card and current employment or business id proof is a mandatory pre-requisite to confirm your booking.  A recommendation from a person of “good standing” in society may be requested for before confirming a booking. Live in partners / unmarried couples will not be given accommodation. A police verification check may be done as per the discretion of Transit Home Services.

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